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Exchanging Prevention practices on Polydrug use among youth In the Criminal Justice systems (EPPIC) conference, 13-14 Feb 2020

The Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (DARC) are pleased to announce that booking (link below) is open for a conference on an EU funded project led by DARC at the University of Middlesex, UK.

The conference will:

  • Present the study research findings, reflecting the perspectives of young people who use drugs and are in contact with the criminal justice system and the practitioners who work with them;
  • Present a set a quality standards to inform and guide the development of services and projects for this target group;
  • Provide a knowledge exchange and networking opportunity for stakeholders interested in policy and practice regarding the prevention of problem drug use among young people in touch with criminal justice services.


All are welcome and the conference is free to attend but booking is required using the link below. This will also take you to more information about the conference and its programme: