April: Vaccine preventable diseases and prison

WEPHREN will be focussing on a variety of different health issues in prisons each month, with themed blogs, discussions and articles. For April, the focus is vaccine preventable diseases in prison and we are calling for contributions during March/April. Please send us any articles, guidelines, case studies etc that you feel would be interesting and of benefit to those working on prison health across the world. We will review and collate these contributions in one place so that they are easily accessible to all. 

Please send your contributions to wephren@phe.gov.uk by 20th April 2018.



Below are a collection of some key guidance documents on the health of those in prison from various sources. This is not an exhaustive list and if you would like to add to this collection, please email us at wephren@phe.gov.uk


General resources

Alcohol and drug use

Infectious diseases

Maternal and infant health

Mental health

Non-communicable diseases