Every Friday lunctime for the next few weeks,  Public Health England's Health and Justice team will post a short video on the approach they are taking with prisons and prison healthcare to manage the risks and impacts of COVID-19.

These short videos aim to share current experiences and practice to support public health response in other countries. Please send any feedback to sunita.sturup-toft@phe.gov.uk  

Please note, the videos are informal - they are meant to provide general principles of working and any data or information is only correct at the time of filming.


Planned schedule:

The videos are planned to be uploaded every Friday, 12pm (GMT+1). As the team are involved in active response, it may not always be possible to stick to this! 

24th April - Preventing and preparing for large outbreaks in prisons (Dr Eamonn O'Moore)

               - Outbreak management of COVID-19 (Dr Eamonn O'Moore)

1st May  - Outbreak control team meetings (Susanne Howes and Dr Mattea Clarke)

7th May - Sureveillance of COVID-19 in prisons (Dr Maciej Czacorowski and Alisha Cooper)

15th May - Workforce issues (Rachel Campbell and Linda Stent)


Week Four - 15th May - Workforce issues 


Week Three - 7th May -  Surveillance of COVID-19 in prisons


Week Two - 1st May 2020 - Outbreak Control Team Meetings



Week One - 24th April 2020 - Preventing and preparing for large outbreaks in prisons (21mins)



Week One - 24th April 2020 - Outbreak management of COVID-19 in prisons (39mins)


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