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Welcome to the first WEPHREN webinar which took place on the 12th July 2019 to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of WEPHREN.

The webinar broadcasted the Alex Gatherer Memorial Lecture live from London, England and from the University of New Mexico in the USA. The theme for the webinar was involving people in prison in the development of prison health services and Professor Karla Thornton and her colleagues presented on the work they have done on identifying people with Hepatitis C and supporting their treatment and management using Project ECHO, as well as their innovative peer mentoring programme for health improvement.

The webinar was well attended and had a wide global audience, with participants from all continents across the world.

It was chaired by Sunita Sturup-Toft from the UK Collaborating Centre for the Health In Prisons Programme with presentations from Dr Eamonn O’Moore, Professor Karla Thornton, Daniel Rowan, Carissa McGee, Saul Hernandez and Dr Emma Plugge. Thanks go to Louise Southalan, current chair of the WEPHREN Steering Committee for fielding questions for the speakers and The Global Health Network for their ongoing support in developing WEPHREN as a community of practice.

Please listen to the presentation in the recording below. We would appreciate your feedback on the webinar and to hear any ideas for future sessions you have so please take a minute after watching the webinar to complete the short feedback survey in the link below or to email me any comments to




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During the webinar, there was an announcement that Northern Ireland is commencing its 3rd year of Project ECHO in September, looking at reducing self-harm and suicide in the prison setting by localised adaptation of the UK Alliance Towards Zero Suicide Strategy.

The Northern Ireland ECHO is an inter organisational network including people in custody promoting a whole prison approach to wellbeing and would like to invite other prisons around the world to join them, as Spokes, at our ECHO sessions (1.5hrs) monthly using Zoom.

The training and curriculum setting session for this year’s project is Friday 27th September in the morning. Any Spokes will need to have Zoom downloaded and a camera on their computer or use a tablet. The team in Northern Ireland can help with any IT issues before the training day.


If you are interested in participating please contact Dr Ruth Gray on