We would like your help with a research study. A group from the University of Central Lancashire, supported by the UKHSA and WEPHREN, are undertaking a research study exploring research priorities in prison health and aligned training. The reason for the research is that it is important to find out from experts, such as yourself what you believe are the key priorities in this area. The information we receive will enable the research team to establish consensus and determine a list of priorities.


Further information is available in the link below and we ask that you read this carefully.  If you choose to take part in the study there is a link at the end of the information leaflet that will take you to a survey.  This should not take very long to complete.  Please feel free to distribute the link within your researcher networks.


Should you wish to contact us for further information there are contact details on the information sheet.


Link for the information sheet and survey link: Participant Information Sheet Delphi - Round 1


Thank you for your help!


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