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A growing body of research identifies the harmful effects that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs; occurring during childhood or adolescence; eg, child maltreatment or exposure to domestic violence) have on health throughout life. Studies have quantified such effects for individual ACEs. However, ACEs frequently co-occur and no synthesis of findings from studies measuring the effect of multiple ACE types has been done, something this systematic review attempts to address. 

The review found that the outcomes most stronglyassociated with multiple ACEs represent ACE risks for the next generation (eg, violence, mental illness, and substance use). To sustain improvements in public health requires a shift in focus to include prevention of ACEs, resilience building, and ACE-informed service provision. The Sustainable Development Goals provide a global platform to reduce ACEs and their life-course effect on health.

  • ruthmartin Ruth Elwood Martin 11 Dec 2017

    I am interested in reading the following, 'The effect of multiple adverse childhood experiences on health: a systematic review and meta-analysis'. Is the final report available, or does the abstract on WEPHREN indicate a proposed systematic review that will happen in the future?