Peer Power has produced this information video on COVID-19 for children and young people in the justice system using lines from NHS England and Improvement's Professor Keith Willett (Strategic Incident Director for COVID 19 and Medical Director for Acute Care & Emergency Preparedness) and voiced by the young people from Peer Power.



Peer Power works towards an empathic world where children, teenagers and young adults are able to achieve their dreams and lead their best lives. Their mission is to disrupt, influence and change youth support services to be more empathic, to improve individual wellbeing and create future leaders.

They seek change in two areas:

  1. Individual change for the young person

Support for young people with lived experience particularly challenging life experiences, including Adverse Childhood Experiences, aiming to overcome injustice and inequality using positive psychology and person-centred approaches to improve their health and wellbeing, and increase employment prospects. 


  1. System change

Working with partners to transform services for children. Peer Power creates platforms for the voices of those with lived experience as service users, to improve understanding, care and compassion for those who rarely have a stake in society. 


Peer Power is distinctive in involving young people in decision making at all levels of the organisation. Its initial goals and mission were decided together with young people, based on what they said would make a difference to them. Their work is peer led and designed in partnership with young people with lived experience of health, social care and criminal justice systems. Their Peer Leaders train their peers to use their experiences of injustice and inequality to identify their resilience, strengths and assets in order to overcome them and live to their full potential.

Their vision is that adults ensure all children and young people are supported, understood, and able to contribute positively to society and their own future. 


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