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The PHE Health and Justice Annual Review is a recurring publication that captures a broad range of activity led by PHE’s National Health and Justice team across all domains of public health practice both within our own organisation and in partnership with local, national and international partners.


On Nelson Mandela Day, July 18th 2018, the latest edition of the annual review, covering work undertaken in the 2017-18 financial year, will be published with a specific focus on three cross-cutting themes found in our work:


•              Prisons: with review of the new National Partnership Agreement on Prison Healthcare in England (2018-21) and work undertaken to support the Prison Estate Transformation Programme (PETP);

•              People in prison with specific needs: with focus  a focus on older people and women in prison;

•              Protecting Health: an overview of the challenges seen last winter in response to seasonal flu and other health protection incidents.


Following the success of last year’s review, we have presented more of our data in the form of infographics which we hope will improve communication and support engagement with partner organisations. All PHE Health and Justice Annual Reviews, including the latest edition, can be found at the following web-link:


Archive  prisons