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World No Tobacco Day is 31st May and to mark this day, Ms Cheneal Puljevic, research fellow from the University of Queensland and Professor Stuart Kinner from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, talk about their work on smoking in detained settings. 



What evidence is there that smokefree prisons are being implemented in the EU/internationally?

Please find the results of a recent literature search conducted in February 2018 on smokefree prisons here. The search strategy is outlined at the end of the document and looks at entries on the Campbell Collaboration, the Cochrane Library, EMBASE, Global Health, Google Scholar, Health Management Information Consortium, Medline, NICE Evidence, Social Policy and Practice, and theTRIP database.

The results are organised as such:

Implementation of smokefree prisons (50 results)

Stop smoking services in prisons (22 results)

Prevalence of smoking in prisons (15 results)

Other / may be of interest (15 results)


You can also read here a blog post by Dave Jones, from Public Health England on implementing a programme with justice and health partners resulting in the largest smokefree prison estate in Europe.