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WHO has publisehd a report on health in prisons from 38 European countries to provide a snapshot of prison health systems and services across the WHO European Region.

The report uses data from the Health In Prisons European Database (HIPED), held at the Global Health Observatory. HIPED aims to provide a basis for the development of evidence-informed policies regarding prison health systems and services in Europe, including their relationship with broader policies relating to health inequalities and universal health coverage.

The report, entitled “Health in prisons: fact sheets for 38 European countries”, provides a summary of 8 key domains:

  • population demographics;
  • health-care systems;
  • environment;
  • risk factors;
  • disease screening;
  • prevention of communicable disease;
  • treatment; and
  • mortality.

The report also highlights gaps in data reporting and collection. It was launched at the 6th Prison Health Conference in Helsinki, Finland, to encourage improvements in monitoring and surveillance systems in prisons.

Please access the report from here