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  • furnazfurnaz shumaila 1 Nov 2018

    Hi ,
    I am glad to join this group of health professionals. I am manager research in leading cardiac hospital in pakistan with a rich background in data management and collaborations with international registries .
    Most of my publications are in cardiac health.

    Attached files: Shumaila_furnaz_Researcher.docx
  • gia99_pro Gabriela Ramos 3 Nov 2018

    Hola estimados: Soy medica clinica y nefrologa en Argentina al norte en una ciudad llamada Salta. Estoy en la busqueda de conocer mas sobre la Tuberculosis patologia de alta prevalencia en nuestra áre. El problema que tenemos es la gran migracion de frontera y en mi caso los paciente que veo son pacientes con inmunodepresion, renales cronicos en diálisis, por lo cual identificacar la enfermedad se hace dificil por el compoortamiento de la micobacteria latente. La falta de recursos para poder identificar y la evolucion torpida de los pacientes a su descenlace preocupa y alarma. Esto es mi preocupacióon y me gustaria compartir esta problemática para compartir experiencias. Muchas gracias Gabriela Ramos

  • gia99_pro Gabriela Ramos 3 Nov 2018

    Hola Soy Gabriela Ramos de Argentina al Norte del pais. Medica clinica y Nefróloga Investigando acerca de Tuberculosis

  • kasimbaksamuel Kasimba samuel 7 Nov 2018

    AM KASIMBA K Samuel,i work at district local government in KASESE DISTRICT WESTERN UGANDA.

  • Hello everyone!
    I am Chaplain General Rev. Dr. Prince Gill Ogbonna President International Prison Chaplain Association Nigeria (IPCA Nigeria) working in Prison.
    Happy to see all of you on WEPHREN – You’re a great asset to this network. Looking forward to network with you in this interesting area Prison Healthcare and Education of Prison inmates.
    We need your support in this area of Healthcare, Education of Prison inmates and Reintegration. We are an NGO here in Nigeria, so you can do any project with us.
    We believe that WEPHREN will be an excellent resource that will enable us to share our experience and activity and to gain knowledge from a wider Network of colleagues. Thank you WEPHREN.

  • mn_hamad Mahamed Hamad 1 Feb 2020

    Hello All, This is Mohamed Hamad, I worked for UNODC, Middle East and North Africa Office for five years. I managed a project that tackled HIV and drug dependency in prisons across Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. I am still interested in the subject. Just knew about this network. A lot of info that I am eager to go through.

  • subhamjubiotech Subham Basak 1 Feb 2020

    Hello All,
    I am Subham Basak currently engaged with the biotechnology industry in India. I have a M.Sc Biotechnology Degree from Jadavpur University, India.
    I will be happy to answer any of your queries.

  • husaliya Hussen Mohammed 7 Feb 2020

    Hello, Every body, I am Hussen Mohammed, working on research of public health and area of interest is Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. I am from Ethiopia

  • nutritionistbgt Thuo Bernard 14 Feb 2020

    Hey everyone, my name is Bernarde alias 'Dr. Byte' a nutrition officer from Kenya [Eastern Africa] and my research area is in digital health.

  • nzrali2 NAZAR KHOWAJA 15 Feb 2020

    hi - I am NAZAR -working as a PHYSICIAN -special interest in clinical research .

  • nzrali2 NAZAR KHOWAJA 15 Feb 2020

    hi i am NAZAR - working as physician - special interest in clinical research

  • nzrali2 NAZAR KHOWAJA 15 Feb 2020

    hi - I am NAZAR -working as a PHYSICIAN -special interest in clinical research .

  • habibatoyiza71 Habibat Oyiza Ibrahim 24 Feb 2020

    Hi everyone. I am glad to be here. I just graduated and I love the whole concept of NGOS.

  • lelanypineda Lelany Pineda Garcia 24 Feb 2020

    HI, I´m Lelany Pineda-Garcia from Honduras. I work at the National Autonomous University of Honduras, as a Docent and Researcher. My main research topic is on Drug-resistant Tuberculosis and Molecular typing of M. tuberculosis. From recent years I am working on atimicrobial resistance of. S.aureus, E.coli and K. pneumoniae.

    It will be wonderful to have contacts for future collaborations!
    Best regards,


  • Hello, i am Dr Oluwayinka Oladele a lecturer in Anatomy department of Bingham University Karu Nassarawa State Nigeria. My research area is in Reproductive Toxicology and development of male contraceptive.

  • hazelgoby Hazel Goby 5 Jun 2020


    I'm Hazel Goby and am the lead for patient and public engagement for secure units in the East of England (NHSE) and would be very interested to hear from anyone who is working in this field or has done some research in this area.


  • daniellandinezma Daniel landinez 6 Jun 2020

    Hello. Im Daniel. I am a neuropsychologist from Colombia. I work in neuropsychologial rehabilitación of stroke population

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