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Introduce yourself

Stephanie Topp commented:

My name is Steph Topp - I am a social scientists / public health academic and over the past 8 years I've been working in the Zambian prison system with the Correctional ...

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Introduce yourself

Sunita Sturup-Toft commented:

Hi Enda, thanks for all your support! You can see Enda on my September vlog in

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Introduce yourself

Enda Kelly commented:

Glad to finally join up. My name is Enda Kelly and I am the National Operational Nurse Manager with the Irish Prison Service. Like John above, I am delighted to lend my ...

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The first Asia Pacific prison health conference - November 2017, Bangkok

The ICRC recently held their first ever Asian Pacific Conference on prison health in Bangkok, Thailand. Having arrived the previous ...

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The prevalence of psychiatric conditions among the condemned prisoners in our prison facilities.

The prevalence of various psychiatric conditions in our prisons. This study will bring up the need for the establishment of ...

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STI’s situation in Pakistan

General Information Sexually transmitted infections (STI) are an important public health problem due both to their morbidity and their complications ...

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Childhood neurodevelopmental impairments among young people in custody

 Professor Nathan Hughes Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK;  Centre for Adolescent Health, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, ...

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UNODC working to improve the diagnosis, treatment and care of people living with HIV in prisons

October 31, 2017, Vienna. Over ten million people are held in prison globally at any time and the number passing ...

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