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  • My correct name is Piero Gutierres Sullca, could you please correct my certificate that says only Piero, I need to add my last names without my complete information, they do not accept the certificate and I need it Urgently, Thanks

  • histon966 histon966 31 Oct 2022

    I'm delighted to be here,

    Hey, Dr. Marian Davis, I'm a healthcare consultant.

    I grew up in Colorado, attended medical school, and completed a three-year family medicine residency program at the University of Colorado in Denver.

    I'm a highly skilled physician at Crossroads Pharmacy, with over 10 years of family medicine experience . I'm respected for my patient-centered approach to healthcare and the bonds I form with my patients, many of whom have been with me since the beginning of my career.

  • fwambu2002 Fredrick 27 Oct 2021

    Am Fredrick Wambu from Kenya .
    I am Nurse educator with a background in health system management.
    I am really interested in research on Prison Health systems strengthening and particularly focusing on women health in prisons.
    I look forward to interact and network

  • lizzybisrod4real64 Adebisi Oyagbesan 25 Aug 2021

    Hello. I'm Adebisi. A registered Nurse /midwife. Practising in Nigeria.
    Looking forward to research on ways cervical cancer could be stopped or minimized
    in women of child bearing age or elderly multipara. I hope and looking forward to
    achieve my dreams in this community. Cancer is snatching women from us....

  • pamasasudo Malocho Phoso 20 Aug 2021

    Hello everyone!
    My name Is Malocho Phoso.I am a registered community health nurse with vast experience of over 15 years.
    Through my professional journey, I have worked as a bedside nurse, project staff coordinating various programs.
    I have an interest in conducting research for adolescents linked to HIV

  • Hi all,
    My name is Priscilla Gardner a nurse Epidemiologist from Zambia. interested in Adolescents, Maternal and neonatal health research.
    Best Regards!

  • daveredemske David Redemske 26 May 2021
    Good Morning All,
    My name is Dave Redemske and I'm an Architect in the US that specializes in designing Healthcare environments. I've spent the last 10 years focusing on Correctional Health facilities. I am very interested in the intersection of Health, Public Health and Corrections, specifically as it relates to the provision and design of space. I did a year long Fellowship a few years ago that looked at Health within the US prison system. I am very excited to be a part of this group and joining in the conversation!

  • techroyal123 dhg 9 Jun 2020

    Hello ---,
    I am from india an educational researcher and nice to hear about you .

  • roshm532 ROUEN MASCARENHAS 8 Jun 2020

    Hi friends. I am a consulting child specialist in Mumbai, India for nearly 4 decades. I am the Hon Secretary & Trustee of the FIAMC Biomedical ethics center here. We conduct certificate courses (affiliated to the Nirmala Niketan Uni.) on ethics for which I am a faculty member. My interest is medical ethics in children.

  • daniellandinezma Daniel landinez 6 Jun 2020

    Hello. Im Daniel. I am a neuropsychologist from Colombia. I work in neuropsychologial rehabilitación of stroke population

  • hazelgoby Hazel Goby 5 Jun 2020


    I'm Hazel Goby and am the lead for patient and public engagement for secure units in the East of England (NHSE) and would be very interested to hear from anyone who is working in this field or has done some research in this area.


  • Hello, i am Dr Oluwayinka Oladele a lecturer in Anatomy department of Bingham University Karu Nassarawa State Nigeria. My research area is in Reproductive Toxicology and development of male contraceptive.

  • lelanypineda Lelany Pineda Garcia 24 Feb 2020

    HI, I´m Lelany Pineda-Garcia from Honduras. I work at the National Autonomous University of Honduras, as a Docent and Researcher. My main research topic is on Drug-resistant Tuberculosis and Molecular typing of M. tuberculosis. From recent years I am working on atimicrobial resistance of. S.aureus, E.coli and K. pneumoniae.

    It will be wonderful to have contacts for future collaborations!
    Best regards,


  • habibatoyiza71 Habibat Oyiza Ibrahim 24 Feb 2020

    Hi everyone. I am glad to be here. I just graduated and I love the whole concept of NGOS.

  • nzrali2 NAZAR KHOWAJA 15 Feb 2020

    hi - I am NAZAR -working as a PHYSICIAN -special interest in clinical research .

  • nzrali2 NAZAR KHOWAJA 15 Feb 2020

    hi i am NAZAR - working as physician - special interest in clinical research

  • nzrali2 NAZAR KHOWAJA 15 Feb 2020

    hi - I am NAZAR -working as a PHYSICIAN -special interest in clinical research .

  • nutritionistbgt Thuo Bernard 14 Feb 2020

    Hey everyone, my name is Bernarde alias 'Dr. Byte' a nutrition officer from Kenya [Eastern Africa] and my research area is in digital health.

  • husaliya husaliya 7 Feb 2020

    Hello, Every body, I am Hussen Mohammed, working on research of public health and area of interest is Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. I am from Ethiopia

  • subhamjubiotech Subham Basak 1 Feb 2020

    Hello All,
    I am Subham Basak currently engaged with the biotechnology industry in India. I have a M.Sc Biotechnology Degree from Jadavpur University, India.
    I will be happy to answer any of your queries.

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